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In addition to providing advisory along with custom consultancy services, StorageIO publishes Industry Trends Perspectives reports, white papers along with solution briefs. These resources are in addition to regular blog postings, twitter tweets @storageio, articles, tips, and FAQs (See below). View additional content including videos, pod casts and webinars here along with in person speaking or keynote events here. See global press mentions, industry trends perspectives, commentary interviews in the news page. Learn more about Greg's books The Green and Virtual Data Center and Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (both via CRC/Taylor Francis and Intel Recommended Reading List) along with Resilient Storage Networks (SNIA Education endorsed reading) at Amazon.com among other global venues.

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Along with providing thought leadership technology trends and perspective commentary pertaining to industry events and activitieis in the StorageIOblog, view additional content by Greg Schulz and StorageIO including articles and tips at the following (among other) global venues.

Updated 4/17/2018
StorageIOblog.com: Various topics
Via IronMountain InfoGoto: The growing Trend of Secondary Data Storage
Via IronMountain InfoGoto: World Backup Day Best Practices For a Hybrid Approach
Via BizTech: Why Hybrid (SSD and HDD) Storage Might Be Fit for SMB environments
Via NetworkWorld: Do you have an IT trade craft skills gap?
Via ComputerWeekly: Time to restore from backup: Do you know where your data is?
Via StorageIO Podcast: Backup, Big data, Big Data Protection, CMG & More with Tom Becchetti Podcast
Via StorageIO Podcast: Kevin Closson discusses SLOB Server CPU I/O Database Performance benchmarks
Via IDG/NetworkWorld: Ensure your data infrastructure remains available and resilient
Via IDG/NetworkWorld: Whats a data infrastructure?
Via Computerweekly: NVMe: What to use, PCIe card vs U.2 and M.2
Via InfoStor: Cloud Storage Concerns, Considerations and Trends
Via InfoStor: SSD Trends, Tips and Topics
Via Iron Mountain National Preparedness Month: Is Your Data Infrastructure Prepared for Hurricane Season (And Other Storms)?
Via Iron Mountain Preventing Unexpected Disasters: Corporate IT and Data Infrastructure
Via FutureReadyOEM Q&A: Server StorageIOs Greg Schulz on when to implement ultra-dense storage
Via Micron Blog (Guest Post by Greg Schulz) Whats next for NVMe and your Data Center: Preparing for Tomorrow Today
Redmond Magazine: Data Protection Trends: Evolving from Data Protection to Data Resiliency
IronMountain: 5 Noteworthy Data Privacy Trends From 2015
InfoStor: Data Protection Gaps, Some Good, Some Not So Good
Virtual Blocks (VMware Blogs): EVO:RAIL: When And Where To Use It?
InfoStor: Object Storage Is In Your Future
InfoStor: Water, Data and Storage Analogy
TheFibreChannel.com.com: Industry Analyst Interview: Greg Schulz, StorageIO
WServerNews: Cloud storage considerations
CloudComputingAdmin.com: Cloud Storage Decision Making: Using Microsoft Azure for cloud storage
Virtual Blocks (VMware Blogs): EVO:RAIL Part II: Why And When To Use It?
Virtual Blocks (VMware Blogs): EVO:RAIL Part I: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?
WServerNews.com: Cloud (Microsoft Azure) storage considerations
InfoStor: Whats The Best Storage Benchmark?
NetworkComputing: Selecting Storage: Buzzword Bingo
EnterpriseStorageForum: NAND, DRAM, SAS/SCSI & SATA/AHCI: Not Dead, Yet!
NetworkComputing: Selecting Storage: Its All About The Applications
IronMountain: The Importance of a Data Lifecycle Management Strategy
IronMountain: Information Lifecycle Management Strategy: Which Data Types Have Value?
EnterpriseStorageForum: Is Future Storage Converging Around Hyper-Converged?
NetworkComputing: Selecting Storage: Start With Requirements
BizTech: 4 Ways to Performance-Test Your New HDD or SSD
InfoStor: InfoStor: Is It All About Cost?
SearchCloudStorage: Given outages, are you concerned with the security of the cloud?
SearchCloudStorage: Is the cost of cloud storage really cheaper than traditional storage?
SearchCloudStorage: Whats most important to know about my cloud privacy policy?
SearchCloudStorage: Are more than five nines of availability really possible?
SearchCloudStorage: What should I look for in an enterprise file sync-and-share app?
SearchCloudStorage: How do primary storage clouds and cloud for backup differ?
SearchCloudStorage: What should I consider when using SSD cloud?
SearchStorage: What is the difference between a storage snapshot and a clone?
SearchCloudStorage: Whats most important to know about my cloud privacy policy?
DataCenterAcceleration: What, When, Why & How to Accelerate Storage
EnterpriseStorageForum: Has Software Defined Jumped the Shark?
FedTech: Use a VPN for More than Remote Access
InfoStor: Data Archiving: Life Beyond Compliance
The Virtualization Practice: EMC ViPR V1.1 and SRM V3.0 (Software Defined Storage Management)
InformationSecurityBuzz: Dark Territories: MH370 Reminds us, Do You Know Where Your Information Is?
InformationSecurityBuzz: Rings Of Security For Data Protection Or Bling For Appearance?
SearchSolidState.com: Q&A on Access data more efficiently with automated storage tiering and flash
SpiceWorks: My copies were corrupted: The 3-2-1 rule
SearchStorage: Bridging the gap: Choosing storage-over-distance network technology
SearchEnterpriseWAN: Wide area network resiliency best practices
StateTech: 5 Tips for Factoring Software into Disaster Recovery Plans
BizTech: How to Turn Storage Networks into Better Performers
InfoStor: The Many Variations of RAID Storage
FedTechMagazine: 3 Tips for Maximizing Tiered Hypervisors
InfoStor: RAID Remains Relevant, Really!
21cIT: Why You Should Consider Object Storage
InfoStor: HDDs Are Still Spinning (Rust Never Sleeps)
21cIT: Object Storage Is in Your Future, Even if You Use Files
21cIT: Playing the Name Game With Virtual Storage
InfoStor: Flash Data Storage: Myth vs. Reality
InfoStor: The Nand Flash Cache SSD Cash Dance
SearchEnterpriseWAN: Remote Office / ROBO backup and data protection for networking Pros
TheVirtualizationPractice: When and Where to use NAND Flash SSD for Virtual Servers
21cit: Parsing the Need for Speed in Storage
FedTech: These Data Center (DCIM) Tools Can Streamline Computing Resources
21cit: Tiered Storage and Storage Tiering Explained
21cit: Making Metrics Relevant
21cit: Storage, Server & I/O Metrics That Matter
21cit: Finding Meaning in Metrics
BizTech: 3 Questions to Help SMBs Plan a Backup Strategy
FedTech: What to Consider for Tracking Assets with DCIM
FedTech: The Right Storage Option Is Important for Big Data Succes
InternetEvolution: Make Your Company Ready for the Cloud
EdTech: What to Consider for Tracking Assets with DCIM
21cit: Big Data & the Boston Marathon Investigation
Datacenteracceleration: Understanding IOs: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Datacenteracceleration: How to Win at Performance Whack-a-Mole
21cit: Dont Use New Technologies in Old Ways
21cit: SSD & Real Estate: Location, Location, Location
21cit: Everything Is Not Equal in the Datacenter, Part 3
21cit: SSD Is in Your Future: Where, When & With What Are the Questions
21cit: Dont Let Clouds Scare You: Be Prepared
21cit: Storage & IO trends for 2013 (& Beyond)
Internetevolution: Pulling Together a Converged Team
Internetevolution: People, Not Tech, Prevent IT Convergence
Edtechmagazine.com: Avoiding pitfalls with paperless offices
ittoday.com: Securing cloud, virtual and physical data storage
FedTech.com: How to manage storage for virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI)
CDW.com: Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and IRM
CDW.com: Data Center Convergence
Infostor: Metrics and Measurements That Matter: Getting Started
21cit.com: Changing Lifecycles & Data Footprint Reduction, Part 1
21cit.com: Changing Lifecycles & Data Footprint Reduction, Part 2
21cit.com: No Such Thing as an Information Recession
theitpro.com: Achieve Situational Awareness Before a Cloud Move
theitpro.com: Cloud: One Size Wont Fit All
BizTechmagazine.com: Cleaning up data center cable management
Edtechmagazine.com: Cleaning up data center cable management
Cisco.com: Removing organizational barriers to converged technology deployment
Edtech: 5 Practical E-Mail Archival Strategies
TheVirtualizationPractice: Getting SASy, the other shared storage option
SearchStorageChannel: Archiving Best Practices
TheVirtualizationPractice: Self Encrypting Disks (SEDs)
SearchSMBstorage: Do the PUE math
SearchSMBstorage: Implementing a unified storage system for SMB environments
Datacenterpost: E2E situational awareness for cloud and virtual environments
ITtoday: Green Technology Can Improve Data Center Performance
Bitpipe: Determining server requirements for midmarket CIOs
SearchCIO-Midmarket: Determining server requirements for midmarket CIOs
SearchSMBStorage: ATE: What type of 1.5TB consolidated central storage for multiple locations?
SearchSMBStorage: Shared Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
FedTech: Storage Optimization: The Other Green
EnterpriseEfficiency: Picking the winners in the IT Enterprise Draft
SearchSMB: iSCSI storage: How to leverage RAID and ensure server uptime
SearchSMB: What are some ways SMBs can reduce their energy and data center power costs?
SearchSMB: MAID and IPM For Green Energy Efficiency
SearchSMB: Selecting an Afordable Tape Library
SearchSMB: Selecting a Disaster Recovery Facility
i365 Guest Interview: Experts Corner: Q&A with Greg Schulz
SearchCIO Midmarket: Remote-location disaster recovery risks and solutions
BizTech Magazine: High Availability: A Delicate Balancing Act
ESJ: What Comprises a Green, Efficient and Effective Virtual Data Center?
SearchSMBStorage: Determining what server to use for SMB
SearchStorage: Performance metrics: Evaluating your data storage efficiency
SearchStorage: Optimizing storage capacity and performance to reduce data footprint
SearchSMBStorage: How often should I conduct a disaster recovery (DR) test for my SMB?
SearchStorage: Addressing storage performance bottlenecks in enterprise data storage
SearchStorage AU: Is tape the right backup medium for smaller businesses?
ITworld: The new green data center: From energy avoidance to energy efficiency
SearchSystemsChannel: Comparing I/O virtualization and virtual I/O benefits
SearchDisasterRecovery: Top server virtualization myths in DR and BC
Enterprise Storage Forum: Saving Money with Green Data Storage Technology
SearchSMB ATE Tips: SMB Tips and ATE by Greg Schulz
SearchSMB ATE Tip: Tape library storage July 2009
zJournal Article: Storage & Data Management: IT Resource Optimization and EfficiencyIts About Time and Space June 2009
SearchSMB ATE Tip: Server-based operating systems vs. PC-based operating systems June 2009
SearchSMB ATE Tip: Pros/cons of block/variable block dedupe June 2009
FedTechAt the Ready: High-availability storage hinges on being prepared for a system failure May 2009
Byte & Switch Part XI: Key Elements For A Green and Virtual Data Center May 2009
Byte & Switch Part X: Basic Steps For Building a Green and Virtual Data Center May 2009
InfoStor Technology Options for Green Storage: April 2009
Byte & Switch Part IX: I/O, I/O, Its off to Virtual Work We Go: Networks role in Virtual Data Centers April 2009
Byte & Switch Part VIII: Data Storage Can Become Green: There are many steps you can take April 2009
Byte & Switch Part VII: Server Virtualization Can Save Costs April 2009
Byte & Switch Part VI: Building a Habitat for Technology April 2009
Byte & Switch Part V: Data Center Measurement, Metrics & Capacity Planning April 2009
zJournal Storage & Data Management: Tips for Enabling Green and Virtual Efficient Data Management March 2009
Serial Storage Wire (STA): Green and SASy = Energy and Economic, Effective Storage: March 2009
SearchSystemsChannel: FAQs: Green IT strategies for solutions providers March 2009
Computer Technology Review: Recent Comments on The Green and Virtual Data Center: March 2009
Byte & Switch Part IV: Virtual Data Centers Can Promote Business Growth March 2009
Byte & Switch Part III: The Challenge of IT Infrastructure Resource Management March 2009
Byte & Switch Part II: Building an Efficient & Ecologically Friendly Data Center March 2009
Byte & Switch Part I: The Green Gap Addressing Environmental & Economic Sustainability March 2009
Byte & Switch Green IT and the Green Gap February 2009
GreenerComputing: Enabling a Green and Virtual Data Center February 2009
SearchStorageChannel: Storage trends 2009: Strategies for solution providers December 2008
SearchSMBStorage: How to choose a SAN switch for SMBs November 2008
SearchSMBStorage: Direct attached storage FAQ October 2008
SearchSMBStorage: FAQ guide on Fibre Channel over Ethernet October 2008
Enterprise Storage Forum: Tapes Changing Role in Data Protection October 2008
SearchStorage: Tape is Still Very Much Alive! September 2008
SearchSMBStorage: Hot Storage Trends for 2008 September 2008
SearchStorageChannel: FAQs: Green data storage projects: September 2008
SearchSMBStorage: Multi protocol storage explained August 2008
Enterprise Storage Forum: Closing the Green Gap August 2008
SearchSMBStorage: SMB capacity planning: Focusing on energy conservation July 2008
SearchlStorageChannel: Value-Added Services: Pushing Beyond the Box June 2008
SearchSMBStorage: Data protection for virtual server environments June 2008
SearchSMBStorage: Improve your storage energy efficiency May 2008
SearchSMBStorage: Is clustered NAS for SMBs? May 2008
Enterprise Storage Forum: Moving Beyond the Benchmark Brouhaha April 2008
Enterprise Storage Forum: Not Just a Flash in the Pan January 2008
Byte and Switch: Opinion: A Storage Letter to SANta December 2007
zJournal: A Comprehensive Market Review and Analysis December 2007
Enterprise Storage Forum: I/O, I/O, its off to virtual work we go December 2007
SearchStorage: How to monitor SAN performance November 2007
Byte and Switch: The SMB Storage Gap September 2007
SearchDataManagement: How far is far enough for DR purposes September 2007
Byte and Switch: The SMB Storage Gap September 2007
SearchStorage: Using SAS and SATA for tiered storage / Pod cast July 2007
SearchSMBStorage: Choosing a storage virtualization approach May 2007
Enterprise Storage Forum: PACE yourself to power and cooling needs July 2007
SearchSMBStorage: Blade servers, blade center and connectivity check list April 2007
Storage Magazine: Automate data recovery May 2007
SearchStorage: File Archiving April 2007
SearchStorage: Storage Virtualization: Where and How April 2007
SearchStorageChannel: Disaster recovery channel opportunities Q & A February 2007
SearchStorage: Automated data migration: Choosing technology for ILM November 2006
SearchCIO: Determining SMB Storage Options November 2006
SearchStorage: Capacity Planning: Reclaiming Orphaned Storage October 2006
Computerworld: 10 ways to secure your stored data August 2006
SearchStorage: Storage certification sources June 2006
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