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Event/Venue Down Load Material/Content Date
Compliments of LSI SAS SANs for Dummies (Free Book - Registration Required) May 2012
CVDSN CVDSN (Book): Chapter 1 - Cloud primer Mar 31, 2012
CVDSN CVDSN (Book): Chapter 2 - Storage and Networking primer (SAN, NAS, Object) Mar 31, 2012
Dell Backup.U
Cloud, Virtualization and Data Storage Networking Book (CRC Taylor & Francis) - Chapter 5 - Data Protection: Backup/Restore and Business Continuance, Disaster Recovery (Sponsored by Dell Backup.U may require registration) Sep 10, 2013
CVDSN CVDSN (Book): Chapter 8 - Enabling Data Footprint Reduction: Storage Capacity Optimization Mar 31, 2012
Server StorageIO and UnlimitedIO Portfolio

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